Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Soco Amaretto Lime.


Last week: War Week. It was a life-changing experience... As I wrote on my "Meraki" blog:
War Week was… Unbelievable.

I honestly can’t put the experience into words. Life-changing. Rejuvenating.

I worshiped God and interceded like never before. I did what I love doing: helping others.

This past four days has filled me up, refreshed me, and set my life back in perspective.

It’s going to take a little bit of time to process everything. Right now I’m just glad to be home. I need to recover from all the craziness, as wonderful as it was.

Next year will be even better.

Also, I do have other blogs. Meraki, as you just saw (if you clicked on the link). That one is mostly for me, a collection of things that mean a lot to me, my personal definition of the Greek word Meraki.

Then there's Her Days. It's a project of mine... To photograph one thing a day that best sums up that day... For an entire year. I am really excited. :3

Please, follow these blogs, if you want! It's appreciated. ^.^

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