Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Running Up That Hill.

Let's see.... Soothing music, Arnold Palmer, something decent in my stomach for the first time today, tablet at hand.... I think I'm ready.

My apologies for not posting. How many times am I going to say that?

Life has been amazing lately. Ups and downs, yadda yadda yadda. The trimester is already coming to a close.... This makes me very sad, I wish time wouldn't pass by so quickly. I'm trying to keep a grasp on it, but sometimes I get distracted and forget, then I turn back around and a week, or two, has already passed by. Maybe a month, even.
One thing I am looking forward to regarding the new trimester, though: a new lunch. I'm hoping I'll get the same lunch as my good friend Rachel, I'd love to be able to actually spend some time with her. I want lunch with all of my friends, of course!

I've begun drawing more seriously once again. I took a break for a few months where I took pictures, but now I'm really going to try to do both. And if I can't, then I'm concentrating on the pencil!
The drawing above is a preview of something I've just started working on.

"What is the matter with these people, these people who won't stop fighting, won't stop hurting each other long enough to see that a body is a thing of beauty, is a miracle of rivers and oceans and islands and continents contained within itself?"
-All Rivers Flow to the Sea by Allison McGhee
I hate war.
I've begun, very slowly at first, but now faster and faster and faster, to see small changes within myself.... And I guess now those small changes are building up and changing me and making me a new person.... Not a different person, a new person. I guess I'm changing myself. I've noticed myself becoming a pacifist, accepting aspects of me that I was unable to accept before, I'm educating myself on religions.... And not just organized religions, but beliefs in general. I've found myself eating less than usual, but I'm also exercising. I've lost some weight, reading more, building new relationships.... I've become more tolerant, more open-minded.... Which also leads to more confusing, but I think I have most of it sorted out.
In other words, I'm growing up.
I never thought it would be quite so wonderful, so.... Freeing.

And if I only could,
Make a deal with God,
And get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill...

g h o s t i e


Luxe said...

Hey Court, its me Chloe. Whom you love dearly.

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findingMuse. said...

I guess we all have to grow up eventually. For some reason such a concept scares me.