Friday, 19 November 2010

Little Shop of Horrors.

"Shing-a-ling, what a creepy thing to be happening...♪"

I have been very busy lately!
My school is putting on Little Shop of Horrors. It's so exciting! The Boyfriend is playing Mushnik (laughs). I love it because he has to wear a mustache and a fat suit!


And I'm on the crew~! A stage ninja, as I call it! I wear all black, move swiftly and silently across the stage, making objects disappear (and appear)! It's actually an incredibly fun job. I play an important part in the show, and I get to hang out backstage during those few songs where I have nothing to do! I've taken a ton of pictures.
Dan puppets Audrey II (the plant).

Josh (fellow stage ninja) feeling Mushnik's tummy.
And, of course, I get to hang out in the green room, where all the fun happens! Last night a bunch of the stage crew gathered in there and played around with the spare props (laugh). And a few days ago The Boyfriend Rick Rolled Shapley (a friend)! It was hilarious, I've never seen anyone do that in real life before.

Ian: Logan, get Shapley! Tell him there's something cool in the closet! *hides in the closet*
Logan: *comes back with Shapley*
Shapley: *opens up closet door* Wha-
Shapley: "NOO!"
I have the video up on Facebook. XD

Messing around in the green room before the opening show.

Paula and me, waiting on set for the show to start.
I'm wearing Dan's hat here, I think it looks quite good on me. :P

We had a preview show for the school on Wednesday, opening night was last night, there's a show tonight, and two more shows tomorrow! Then we're done! :( I don't want it to be over, though.... I am definitely signing up for Les Miserables, which happens to be the next show the drama club's putting on. :D

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findingMuse. said...

*gasp!* I saw Little Shop of Horrors over the summer, I absolutely loved it, and we just finished a production of Mulan, here. I've heard rumours that our next show will be Annie Get your Gun.

Our school's 2010 Valedictorian rick-rolled us all in her graduation speech. Needless to say, we're great friends (we met in the theatre program, actually). I'm depressed that I never got to hear it.

I'm so glad you enjoyed working on the show, I wish I could've seen it!

Hikari said...

Theatre sounds like so much fun! I wanna do something dramatic someday. You guys are doing some really awesomely-famous play, eh? ;D

Ghostie said...

The first time I saw Little Shop was last September, the '80s movie version, after Ian told me that our school was going to put it on. ^^
I was looking through a program, and I think our school's put on Annie Get Your Gun at least three times, at least a decade apart each time. XD I don't even know what it's about.

She rick-rolled you guys in her speech?! That's awesome!

Ahh.... I so wish I could act... I love theatre so much!