Monday, 29 November 2010

Your Deepest Desires.

I stole this tag from Bleah Briann. ^^; You can read her post here.
So pretty much, you share 7 likes, 8 hates, and 1 love... in that order.
Here's how I did it:

I like that feeling of excitement when I get a package in the mail, right before I open it
I like the scent of baking apples and cinnamon
I like having deep and meaningful conversations with the people I care about
I like when the Boyfriend holds me close and doesn't let go
I like diet soda
I like when people take the time to write me a letter
I like those days that just seem so unbelievably perfect
I hate when I get anxiety attacks for no reason
I hate when I leave all my good pens and pencils at home
I hate when adults are condescending toward me (and my peers)
I hate fighting
I hate when people tell me that I just HAVE to listen to a certain song or artist, but flat-out refuse to listen to anything I suggest
I hate when people try to put God into a box
I hate when winter lasts for more than its allotted 3 months
I hate coming up with so many things I hate :(
I love everyone who is reading this. :')

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Ayla :] said...

I love being tagged! :D thanks! I just finished ^^

Ghostie said...

Sweet, I'll check it out! :D