Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ahh... First major snow fall of the year!
It snowed a few weeks ago, and then last week, but it never stuck.
There's been a steady flow of snow constantly since this morning. I'm pretty sure it's still going.
Apparently the exchange students were freaking out this morning! (In a good way! They're from Brazil.)

It's been a great week so far. I'm really enjoying lunches. Instead of spending them in the library, I get to hang out with Ian (the Boyfriend), Brandon, Mack, Dakota, Emily.... A lot of names most of you won't be familiar with. ;) But they're great people, I love spending time with them.

I can't figure out why I always spell 'Chicago' as 'Chigaco' when I'm not being extremely careful! It happens almost every time! I'm writing (or typing) it, then I look back, thinking, Okay, there's definitely something not right here.... But what....? Ugh. XD

Holy yes, it's still snowing!!! :D

g h o s t i e

PS. I wrote this yesterday, completely forgot to publish it. D:

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